About Us

The Players AM Tour was founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective: to offer competition golf across every skill level on the best courses in the area at a fair price, while leading the way for socially-conscious people and businesses to fight hunger in America - all without a membership fee.

Our Tour can be played by anyone with a handicap of less than 30. Because we offer different flights for different skill sets, no one is excluded. Truly, golf is one of the greatest lifetime sports available.

The Players AM Tour hosts events throughout the year, but the summer series, from March to October, is the real points race that will dictate the most consistent player in each flight. Following the last regular season event, we will host a 2-day Tour Championship.

Our five flights are broken down by handicap groupings. Players compete for points and prizes only against players in their flight.

First Annual Eagle Creek Golf Club

Standard and Optional Contests at each event include

  1. Low gross per flight - prize money included in entry fee
  2. Flighted skins / $10 - optional
  3. Field skins / $10 - optional
  4. Season Hole-in-one contest / $20 - optional

Players play for gift cards at each event, and for the season championship.

If nothing else - pay attention to the US hunger statistics below

  • How can hitting and chasing a ball around a field bring awareness to those 1 in 7 Americans that are food challenged each day? How can our Tour help 35 million children that go to bed hungry every night? What difference can a game of golf make to any of our 15 million seniors that have to choose between buying medicine or food on a daily basis?
  • The Players AM Tour will take a percentage of each players entry fee and at the end of year, donate that money to a charity we feel does the best to help our hungry, right here at home.
  • It may not be the whole answer, but we are trying to do our part with our players participation.