Q: What is the Players Am Tour?

A: The Players AM Tour is an organization that holds golf tournaments for players of all skill levels up to the handicap of 30.

Q: Where is the Players Am Tour located?

A: Central Florida. We have plans to sell partnerships to those interested in other areas of the United States.

Q: Where is the Tour Championship?

A: The 2016 Players Am Tour Championship will be held at Celebration Golf Club in Celebration, FL. This 2-day stroke play event will be our season ending event for 2016.

Q: Who is eligible?

A: The Players Am Tour is open to all who want to play tournament golf. We offer players to compete against players of their similar ability. There are five flights to choose from.

Q: Can women play on the Players Am Tour?

A: We would love to have enough participation to have a women’s division, but since we do not, the women will play with the men in the flight which they
best fit. They will play one tee set forward of the tees slated for that flight that day. We would love to talk to anyone energetic and organized enough to help start a women’s division within our tour.

Q: How much does it cost to join the Players Am Tour?

A: We have great sponsors that support the Tour and our efforts in the community. And, because of our sponsors, there is NO MEMBERSHIP FEE for the Players AM Tour.

Q: What can I win?

A: A prize purse is established from the entry fee and the amount of entries per flight. Typically, we will present gift cards to the competitors for their order of merit at each event, for their points total at seasons end and for the Tour Championship.

Q: How do I register for the Players Am Tour?

A: Please visit www.playersamtour.com and bookmark it. From there, you can click here to REGISTER FOR THE TOUR and add the necessary contact information. You will receive an email thanking you for registering and inviting you to register for the first available event.

Q: How much does each event cost to play in?

A: For the 2016 season beginning in March and ending in October, all events are $99.

Q: How do I register for a tournament?

A: Visit www.playersamtour.com and click on LOGIN. Enter your username and password on the Players Portal and from there choose Tee Times where you can click SIGN UP for any event listed. Tee times will be found the same way after registration closes.

Q: Must I have a USGA® Handicap Index, GHIN® or any other handicap to play on the tour?

A: The local tour director will assess your ability based on your most recent scores and the courses you’ve played and the tees you’ve played from. Your posted tournament scores may force you to be moved into a higher flight, or if you wish into a lower flight.

For the remainder of the season, players forced to move up a flight will play from the same tees as the previous flight, if different, except on the three pars. However, for the Tour Championship, they will be required to play from the standard tees for that flight.

Q: What are the tournament rules?

A: All Players Am Tour events conform to the USGA® rules for stroke and match play. We have a few Tour Rules that pertain to stroke control and pace-of-play that we have implemented.

  1. Stroke Control: players cannot record more than a triple bogey on any hole during the event. This reduces the chance of one hole inflating the player’s handicap. It also helps speed up play.
  2. Pace-of-Play: For the C and D Flights, all lost balls and out of bounds are to be played as lateral hazards, the player drops in the general area of where the ball last crossed the field of play and incurs a one stroke penalty. This eliminates stroke and distance penalties and the need for a provisional ball. Due to this general tour rule, we are allowing only 2 minutes for a player to search for a wayward ball.

Q: What is the format for the tournaments?

A: Players play a gross stroke-play format within their flight. This is what is used for the season points race and awards. Check the home page at www.playersamtour.com for flight parameters. We also offer optional games. Skins – flighted and field. Net 80% game for the field. Fairways, Greens & Putts.

Q: Do you have a Referral Program?

A: At the bottom of www.playersamtour.com, you will find the Refer a Friend option. By referring friends, current members can earn free entry into events. The member will receive the benefit after the referred friend plays in 3 tour events.